Frequently Asked Questions

What is
Cliplocal is coupon booklet that is mailed to local residents. It’s an affordable alternative for merchants to join together with other local businesses and enjoy the power of direct mail combined with the ease of digital. Every mailed coupon is also available online for viewing, download or printing if the merchant desires.
US Mail?
Mailed messages make a powerful statement to shoppers in the community who want to support their local merchants. The US mail is credible and measurable. Every mailing creates its own report card and strong offers create big returns. Shoppers look forward to receiving special offers from local businesses. There is no better way to blanket an entire trading area at one time than with a printed message in the mailbox.
Who designs the coupon?
Our website is self-service. You enter the information that you want to advertise, and our system does the rest for you. Including formatting the ad for print.
What if I need help?
The website is very intuitive, and we think you'll enjoy the direct control of building your coupon, but if you need help, no problem. Contact us at and we can help you cross the finish line yourself or we can build the coupon for you if you desire at no additional charge.
What is the circulation and how often do you mail?
Each zoned coupon booklet is mailed to approximately 10,000 to 15,000 households. And we will mail as many or as few as the market demands.
How many zones do you publish?
There are over 42,000 zip codes in the Continental US. The idea for was born in 2017, but our local advertising roots go back to 1984. Our company published shopper-newspapers to millions of households every week across the NYC Boroughs and Northern NJ. If cliplocal can help local businesses in this market thrive today, then it is our mission to help local businesses across the US. 42,000 will keep us busy for a while.
Why is your price so much lower than coupon envelopes?
Envelope mailers are a completely different business model than Cliplocal eliminates the many arduous steps in the local advertising process, thus saving time and cost. Cliplocal was formed to offer merchants the easiest, most affordable, powerful direct-mail available. Remember that Cliplocal is a coupon booklet, not a book of display ads. Simple, hard hitting offers. Period.
Does the mailed coupon booklet go to every household?
Each booklet is zoned by zip code(s) and is mailed to SFDU’s “Single Family Dwelling Units” as the USPS designates them – these are homes with up to three families with separate mailboxes. If the area calls for mailing to apartment buildings, then we will consider adding them. Decades of experience has taught us that being left in building lobbies or mail rooms creates waste and increased cost to merchants in most instances.
Why does cliplocal only allow one, or two offers per page?
cliplocal does not create magazine and newspaper style display ads. cliplocal is designed to get great results for advertisers by promoting one hard-hitting, single door-buster offer...or two smaller ones if you like. Local businesses mailing a strong offer to local residents – that's it, plain and simple. That plain and simple is response-oriented and translates into huge ROI's for our advertisers.
What if people print my coupon from the website?
This can best be answered by asking you to think this way: Let’s say there’s a bus parked outside your store with 100 shoppers holding your coupon in hand – either mailed to them or printed at home. When you say, “GO!”, we open the doors to the bus and 100 shoppers enter your store.

When seeing those 100 people in your store, you estimate that maybe 50 of them are your regular customers, and the other 50 look like one-timers coming in to “take advantage” of a sale. Maybe all of these shoppers buy something else, maybe they don’t. Maybe they come in again, or maybe they don’t.

In any event you rewarded the relationships you already have with 50 of your regular customers. Then you also got to show 50 other potential customers what you’re all about ... regardless of how they obtained your coupon.

Let’s go further: Maybe only 5 of those 50 “one-timers” liked what they saw and came back. What if those 5 became your regular customers too? Begin to calculate the value of a customer and you’ll understand why you should let people shop the way they want. If that means accepting coupons printed at home so be it. The real value is a shopper spending money at your business, not where that shopper got your coupon. Let people shop the way they want, and your business will always grow.

If you’re dead set against coupons that were printed at home, you can always disallow their use in your business. We do not recommend that, but it’s your business.