Advertising Information

Advertising Information

The spirit of cliplocal is to offer an affordable way to connect retail stores with shoppers in their local community. Our mailed coupon book, also available online by zip code, welcomes all types of retail businesses within each zone to participate in our mailings. Our zones are comprised of one or more zip codes.

Readers love our no-fluff, right-to-the-point local shopping information and expect to see outstanding offers in every edition of cliplocal. These great offers get shoppers excited and bring great results for merchants.

SIGN UP: The website is free to use and free for businesses to open an account. It’s an information portal that brings businesses and shoppers together by making the cliplocal coupon booklet available online. Regardless of incentive redeemed (see incentives section below) businesses need a valid credit card to verify their identity. There are no charges until a campaign is purchased.

PRICE: Pages in the cliplocal coupon book are available at $199. to $299. per zone. The difference in price is based on the quantity of booklets mailed. cliplocal coupon booklets are mailed to a minimum of 10,000 and as many as 15,000 households in each zone. Due to the density of households, some areas require publishing a "double-zone". These super-sized zones are priced accordingly.

INCENTIVES: Prior to each mailing, cliplocal sends invitations to selected store-front retail businesses, offering a discounted rate to participate. If you received a postcard addressed to your business, you already have a special "OFFER CODE" that can be used at checkout to take advantage of the published offer. There are a limited number of these promotional pages reserved for the first mailing in a zone. These are available on a first come first basis. Once all promotional spots are reserved, businesses may participate at the published rate for that mailing.

PUBLISHING DATES: Cliplocal mails up to 5x annually in a zone. We are not keyed around holidays. The shelf-life of our product is approximately 45 days. We recommend coupon expiration dates from 30 to 60 days maximum from mailing date. The closer to 30 days the better so a sense of urgency can be created. Expiration dates that are too long make coupons forgettable.

AD COPY: Cliplocal is a quick, hard-hitting, high-impact shopping tool. Each page in the cliplocal coupon booklet (B&W in print and color online) features one or two offers. Less is definitely more here - limit the content of both the address block and the offer for readability. To add further reader engagement there are interesting trivia "clipnotes" backing up each coupon. An advertiser’s coupon will never be backed up another coupon. Advertisers own the sheet, not just a side of the page.

AD LAYOUT: Our coupon builder is intuitive but if you need assistance just contact our office and we'll build it for you at no charge. When you complete building your ad, its status remains as "pending" in our system. We screen all ads for content, quality and overall appearance before moving from "pending" to "approved" status. Should your ad need revisions we will contact you on how to resolve the issue before pagination / publishing. Once an is marked as "approved", it is ready for pagination and no further changes can be made can be made for the printed coupon booklet.

PAGE POSITIONING: We’ve been publishing local shopping guides since 1985 and know how best to keep a reader engaged for an entire publication. The first few pages of a coupon booklet are like the first few minutes of a TV show. If it’s interesting, you remain tuned in for the whole show, if not, you change the channel and forget about it. Leave the positioning to us. You focus on making a great coupon offer and we’ll do the rest.

COMMUNICATIONS: Advertisers are kept informed along the way from sign up, to ad approval, to pagination and publishing. Depending upon the area it can take up to 10 business days from the time we enter the USPS system to arrive at the mailbox. A good guide would be that if you receive an email on the 1st of the month announcing that we are printing your zone, you can expect that cliplocal booklet to arrive in the mailboxes about the 15th of that month.

NEXT EDITION: Our publishing frequency is based on demand. If you’re a business leader in your community and can gather up enough participation for a mailing, we’d be happy to produce it! Call 877-321-CLIP to discuss or email Please be sure to include your full contact info including business name and zip code.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your business!
Thank you